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Babyface - A Collection of His Greatest Hits Audio CD: November 14, 2000 Original Release Date: November 14, 2000 Label: Sony Bitrate: 320 kbps No need for introduction i believe... but in case if i need to put some facts of him, he's one of the greatest songwriter of the century, besides singing, playing guitar, keyboards, and also music and movie producer. Many big names sang the song he wrote, such as Karyn White, Bobby Brown, Paula Abdul, Toni Braxton, TLC, Whitney Houston, Boys II Men, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams, Phil Collins and many others. He'll perform as a special show in Java Jazz Festival 2008 really soon. So here are the albums and one single of Babyface. Enjoy! Screw Barry Manilow--it was Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds who really wrote the songs the whole world sings. From the late '80s to the mid-'90s, no single artist owned the R&B and pop charts with a tighter or more fluid grip than Babyface (and his then partners L.A. Reid and Darryl Simmons), and this Greatest Hits collection is proof of this singer-songwriter/producer's way with romance and rhythm. The catch is that this CD contains only the smashes Face kept for himself: a definitive collection of the songs he handed to others would constitute a box set. This CD covers his solo efforts, from the tangy "Whip Appeal" to the aching "Every Time I Close My Eyes" and the understated "When Will I See You" ( arguably the first R&B acoustic power ballad ). With two new cuts and a live version of the rammy-winning "Change the World," these 14 tracks sum up an era in R&B when wearing one's heart on one's sleeve and reaching for the most nuanced of melodies was an act of creative revolution. Sure, some called his act corny, but, as this CD proves, Babyface made minor classics that sound just as gentle and ersuasive today as they did back then. ~ Amy Linden Ever since he was with The Deele, I have been a Babyface fan. The live version of "Two Occasions" and "Sweet November" still get constant rotations in my CD player. Kenneth Edmonds has always had a way with words and music. He has wriiten and produced for many other artists and has many #1 and top ten hits to his credit. The first Babyface CD I purchased was "Tender Lover" and I have got everyone of his since. Babyface is very versatile. He can do a song like "It's No Crime" and then he can come back with slow jams to remember like "Whip Appeal". He can do a remix for the song, "This Is For The Love Of You" with Puff Daddy & Ghostface Killah and then he can come out with another slow jam classic like "Seven Seas", which is on "The Day" CD. At first, I was not going to purchase this CD, because I have all of his CDs in my collection, but when I heard "Reason For Breathing" I had no choice but to go make a purchase. This song alone is worth the ... "Reason For Breathing" is classic Babyface. So just in case you thought he lost it, this is just a song to show people that there is still more Babyface to come. Other Babyface classics such as "Where Will You Go", "Never Keeping Secrets", "When Will I See You Again" & "Everytime I Close My Eyes" are featured, as well as, my favorite Babyface song of all time, "Soon As I Get Home". Other than "Reason For Breathing", he also has a new song called "When Men Grow Old", which is also a good song as well. The only three songs I might have featured that aren't on this greatest hits CDs are "Love Makes Things Happen" w/Pebbles, "Seven Seas", and "I Said I Love You". To anyone that is a Babyface fan and has not bought any of his CDs, this is a great collection of songs to have. ~ J. Highsmith Babyface - A Collection of His Greatest Hits Tracks: 01 For The Cool In You 02 It's No Crime 03 Whip Appeal 04 Never Keeping Secrets 05 Everytime I Close My Eyes 06 When Can I See You 07 Reason For Breathing 08 This Is For The Lover In You 09 How Come, How Long 10 Change The World - (live, with Eric Clapton) 11 I Love You Babe 12 Soon As I Get Home 13 Where Will I Go 14 When Men Grow Old

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