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26 EasyCal Tricks of Faster Algebra Videos (Vedic Mathematics)

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This is the Series of 26 EasyCal Tricks of Faster Algebra Videos. This series is for the people who have watched the EasyCal 30 fast math tricks video series and have mastered all of the basic math techniques in that series. This is an upgrade to algebra using the same vedic mathematics in the other series. you can cut the time it takes you to do algebra problems from the basic to the more advanced problems, in alot less time because it takes one or two steps to get the answer rather than working out half a page on scratch paper. anyone wanting to make better grades in math class or people that want to do algebra problems with blazing speed should download this series. The file is compressed in a rar format so use winrar to unzip it. i hope you enjoy and please be sure to seed this file. Videos are 5 hours and 12 minutes long total.

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