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DesignSoft Tina v8.0 Industrial PRO plus crack

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Crack and instructions are included inside the .rar archive.-3ngrkh@n-- Welcome to the new version of TINA v8, TINA Design Suite v8 TINA v8 and TINA Design Suite v8 are upgrades of the earlier programs, TINA for Windows, TINA Plus for Windows and TINA PRO 5.0 5.5, 6.0 and 7.0 already in wide use throughout the world.New features of TINA v8 and TINA Design Suite v8TINA v8• Vista style installation and folder scheme• Behavioral building blocks, nonlinear controlled sources• Powerful Spice-VHDL co-simulation including MCUs• Finite State Machine (FSM) editor with VHDL generation• Flowchart editor and debugger for controlling MCUs (in v8.0 for PIC MCUs only)• Any number of MCUs in one circuit• Extended MCU catalog including PIC18, CAN and more• Execution time measurement and statistics for Transient Analysis• Hyperlinks can be added to schematics and to the diagram window• Extended semiconductor catalog• Application examples from Texas Instruments• Labview based virtual instruments• Interface to build LabVIEW based virtual instruments• Wave (.wav) files can be used as input• New Open Examples command in file menu to open built in examples• Autosave. Save your current schematic or PCB design at adjustable time intervals• Parameter adding possibility to Spice subcircuits• On line update possibility for libraries, program or both• Post-processing formulas are stored with schematics, editable later• Live 3D Breadboard (displaying and animating circuits with 3D parts on a virtual 3D breadboard)• 3D virtual instruments to prepare and document lab experiments• Integrated electronic design textbook with “live” circuits (optional)• SMPS design templates from Christophe Basso (optional)• Detection of components or nodes linked with convergence or irregular circuit problems.TINA Design Suite v8: (Includes all TINA 8 features plus TINA's advanced PCB designer)• Creating “flex” PCBs including 3D display• Creating PCBs of any shape including round edges• Buried and blind vias• Extended catalog• Improved optimizing autorouter• Distance measuring tool• Display of complete 3D circuits including parts connected externally to the PCB LIMITATIONS IN DEMO MODE The demo version will expire in 30 days. The full version can be purchased and downloaded on-line any time. Link to the order page from the demo, even after it has expired. Please note that the full version needs to be installed in a new folder. It is not possible to turn the demo version into a full version since the demo is compiled differently and it does not include some important elements of the full version. Save, Save As, Print, Export, Import, and Netlist Editor commands are disabled. You can analyze all the examples included in the demo version and change the parameters of the components if you wish. However, you cannot add more components to the examples--when an example is loaded, component insertion is disabled. Some digital examples can only be analyzed in digital mode. New circuits containing more than 10 external nodes cannot be analyzed. Demo versions of Tina downloaded from the Internet do not contain the HTML-format component help and the tutorials. These are available only on the demo CD. The demo does not contain the Schematic Symbol Editor, Parameter Extractor, Spice Library Manager, and the educational utilities. NEW FEATURES IN PREVIOUS VERSIONS TINA v7: -Built-in VHDL analysis also in interactive mode -User defined VHDL components, modifiable on-the-fly -VHDL, Xilinx UCF generation of digital circuits for synthesis, place-and-route and presentations with the TINA FPGA board -Microcontroller and microprocessor simulation including PIC processors, and ASM debugging -Steady State Solver -SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) simulation with acceleration -Stress (smoke) Analysis -Active and passive filter design -Logic design (Truth table, Karnaugh table, Quine-McClusky optimization, schematic diagram generation) -Single click 3D component preview TINA Design Suite v7: Includes all TINA 7 features plus TINA's advanced PCB designer -Autoplacement and autorouting, rip-up-and-retry -Manual and "follow-me" trace placement -Forward and backward annotation -Pin and gate swapping -Keep-in and keep-out areas -Thermal relief, fanout -Plane layers for multilayer designs -Gerber file output -Footprint Editor TINA Pro 6: -Open several projects simultaneously and use copy and paste between projects -Run analysis upon any open project -New (.TSC) extension for project files to avoid collision with MS Schedule and Accel -Store all analysis results (node and component voltages and currents) for post-processing -Powerful post-processor for all analysis results -XY-plot of any 2 transient or DC transfer results, for example v1(t) vs. v2(t) -Parameter stepping for any number of parameters -Parameter stepping given by list -Multiparameter optimization -Draw lines, circles, arcs, and arrows in the schematic editor -Add frame and title block to schematic diagrams -Phasor diagram -Voltage arrow to display voltages -Diagonal lines for circuits such as bridges, delta, and wye (Y) -Control switches with the keyboard via hotkeys -Switch providing high and low logic levels directly -Push button switches -Fault insertion in wires -Improved Library Manager for adding new models -Improved method for changing component values in interactive mode with the mouse or with the keyboard via hotkeys -Control the display of component values and labels separately -New components: VCO, BSIM 3.3, communication circuits, 74121, 74122, and much more -Component searching and listing tool -Embedding faults into circuit files for advanced troubleshooting -Optional VHDL analysis Program Version:; Industrial; Design Suite; with Software key


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