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The Message - Ten Commandments - Omar Mukhtar Lion Of The Desert In Hindi - Urdu

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English Description: The torrent is of a DVD consisting 3 movies in Hind / Urdu 1) The Message : This is a truly excellent movie.The movies is a short overview of the early years of Islam and the story of its prophet Mohammad ( PBUH ). A must watch for muslims and non muslim. 2) Ten Commandments : The film covers the life of Prophet Moses ( PBUH ) from his birth to his prohibition from entering the land of Israel. The movie has an biblical approach and is based on the torah and not on muslim hadith or sunnah, so my request to all muslim brothers and sisters that it\'s not a family movie and don\'t watch the movie considering it as an authentic one, because it is based on the christian ideology. 3)Omar Mukhtar Lion Of The Desert: I believe that one needs to be made of a special material to direct/produce such an epic. Moustapha believed in what he was doing when shooting the movie. He went to out of his way to make sure that everything he filmed was as real as possible. The battle scenes were planned with all detail but also the small scenes with Tony Quinn, Irene Papas or any other actor. It is a real pity that death has taken him before he could produce/direct \"Salahadin\", his long wanted project that would have shown the world another face of Islam. He tried with Omar Muhktar but I am sure that he would have done much better with Salahadin. Moustapha Akkad and his work as a film maker will be remembered. Language: Dubbed ( Hindi / Urdu ) Genre: Video First Shown on: Duration: 08:45:00 Year: Video Quality: High Sound Quality:High Format: DVD Bitrate: Other Comments: Don\'t watch Ten Commandments as an authentic Islamic Movie.

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