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FTV 05

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Fashion TV # 5 - 2 Hours - Midnight Hot, Topless Photoshoots Recorded from Fashion TV, 2 hours of the best! Midnight Hot, nude, topless models. Photoshoots on beaches, nightclubs full of the hottest girls you've ever seen. Parties in clubs from Bangkok to Dubai. I wish we had this channel in the states. "Allegedly" for women, but it is really a man's channel. No annoying commentators, just models in lingerie and swimsuits strutting to a cool, chill soundtrack. Finally, TV that both you AND your girlfriend can watch at the same time! This .avi starts with "F-Floor" which is a psychadelic hour of trippy images of models with a great house beat, something that would be shown on TV's in nightclubs, I would think. Then, more midnight hot, then my favorite, lingerie and swimsuits (Summer in the Med Weekend) with chicks on the FTV yacht hanging out! The last 30 minutes are models on runways showing off summer fashions, dresses, etc; nothing racy. Just download it, you'll enjoy it. This is a great compilation, trust me. I cut out the BS like "model talk", "destinations", etc. Michel David is the man!

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