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Pimsleur -

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Pimsleur - French
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The Pimsleur language learning system is a language acquisition method developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur. The system is centered around four main ideas: Anticipation, Graduated Interval Recall, Core Vocabulary, and Organic Learning.
The Pimsleur method is an audio-based system, in which the listener constructs phrases or repeats from memory out loud along with a recording. The system is made up of 30 minute lessons, which are repeated until 70-80% comprehension is attained, at which point he or she may continue to the next lesson. As the lessons repeat themselves and add new material, the system does not demand complete mastery of the material, since the material is reviewed at varying intervals throughout the course.
* The student listens to a recording on which a native speaker speaks phrases in both the foreign language and the language used for teaching (usually English).
* At varying intervals, the student is prompted to repeat a phrase after the speaker finishes it
* The student is then introduced to a new phrase and the meaning is explained
* After repeating several times, the student is asked to repeat a previous phrase, but integrating vocabulary from the new one.
* More new phrases are introduced, while old phrases are prompted at random. The random recall is intended to associate words with meanings.
Title: Pimsleur language program - French I, II, III, plus, extras
Year: 1999
Language: inglese, francese
Files: mp3, pdf, doc

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