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Eset Smart Security 4.2 + Tnod 1.4.0 Auto-licenser

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ESET Smart Security + TNod 1.4.0 Auto-LicenserESET > Kaspersky > Norton. Enough said. Contained in this download is the 32/64 bit installation packages of ESET, with the latest Auto-Licenser TNOD 1.4.0. I do NOT take credit in the creation of these files, only the torrent so that it's shared right to peeps out there! I'm tired of broken cracks and constant key searching, the TNOD 1.4.0 does the latter for you, so you will always be up-to-date with ESET!Instructions:1.) Install ESET Smart Security. Choose the 32-bit MSI file if you have a 32-bit system, 64-bit MSI if 64-bit system.2.) Extract the TNOD 1.4.0 RAR container. You can put it anywhere you like, I personally put it in the ESET folder.3.) Run config.bat to tweak the TNOD program. You can have it run automatically on startup, and/or run it hidden so it runs in the background instead of notifying you what it's doing. ***It also can update itself!!***4.) If you wish to run it manually, run TNODUP.exe, and it'll automatically insert the latest/greatest license key for you.Head to and find the torrent download (titled the same as the folder) if you have any questions. Leave comments! And remember, SEED =)Best regards,PRACHI

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