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Tomb Raider Gold PC CD

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When Tomb Raider was released in 1996 for the PC (on MS-DOS), it was
ground-breaking, and began the series that made Lara Croft a super-star.
Developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive, the game opened up
a whole new world for 3D third-person action-adventure genre.

The sexy adventurer is back, in an updated version of her very first adventure.
Tomb Raider Gold is a special edition of the original award-winning Tomb Raider
game that started the Lara Croft phenomenon. The game includes four bonus
levels, a new Tomb Raider calendar, screensaver and Windows 95 desktop theme.

This classic 3D third-person adventure takes our heroine around the world, in
search of the fabled and powerful relic called The Scion. This ancient Atlantean
artifact is scattered throughout the caverns and temples of the world in pieces.
This journey will take Lara across the globe, to places like China, Tibet,
Venice and even a sunken ocean liner!

Once you make it through all fifteen levels from the standard game, looking for
the artifact, solving riddles, avoiding disaster (and death) and gathering
clues, you can move on to new challenges in four new levels created justb for
the golf version.

You will take Lara through icy caverns, ancient ruins, a lost tropical paradise
and many other exotic locations. Along the way you must ward off bats, bears,
wolves, alligators, raptors and even a monstrous T-Rex.

The four new levels are split into two sections, Unfinished Business and The
Shadow of the Cat.

Unfinished Business consists of two challenging levels that return Lara to
fabled Atlantis. You, as Lara, have discovered the existence of a hidden area of
ruins in the alien city. These ruins allegedly contain a hive of surviving
creatures guarding an alien hatchery. You must destroy the alien horde before
they invade the world again!

In Shadow of the Cat, you return to the city of Khamoon to uncover the secret of
the strangely beautiful cat statue. This journey will trigger an all-new
adventure full of mystery and exploration. Lara will need her wits, agility and
a full arsenal of pistols, magnums, shotguns and Uzis to battle the creatures
intent on ending her career.

There is no time to lose! Grab your gear and your guns, and get ready for
adventure. ~ Tara Hernandez, All Game Guide

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